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Science Fiction London (SFL) is a Science Fiction discussion group founded in 1980. We are based in London, Ontario, Canada. We meet monthly to discuss science fiction. We also get together occasionally for social events like movie days and barbecues.

You are welcome to attend any of our meetings, either live or via free video-conference. If you wish to attend one of our meetings live, you'll find directions on the Meeting Location page of this site.

There is no charge to attend our meetings and no obligation to participate in our discussions. If you have an interest in Science Fiction, you should enjoy discussing books and films with us.

Our schedule of upcoming meetings can be found on the Upcoming Topics page of this website. When the topic is a book, you should read it prior to the meeting. If the topic is a film, the meeting will usually include a showing of the film prior to the discussion. Please note that it is not possible to view the film via the video-conferencing software. If the topic is a theme, prior reading may or may not be needed: details will be displayed on the Upcoming Topics page.

Reasons For You to Try Science Fiction London

There is no cost to attend Science Fiction London meetings and there are no membership fees. You can attend as often or infrequently as you like. Doug M. and Stephen give some additional reasons for you to give us a try in these short videos.

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Please view our webmaster's brief video to welcome you to the website.

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