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Dinner with Robert J. Sawyer and Robert Charles Wilson on May 3, 2005

On May 3, 2005, interested Science Fiction London members enjoyed a friendly dinner with Robert J. Sawyer, his wife Carolyn Clink, Robert Charles Wilson, and his wife Sharry. They were in town for a book promotion tour and suggested we get together for dinner prior to their final event of the day, a book signing at the Chapters (South London) branch. Naturally, we jumped at the chance ;-)

Our guests took a number of pictures of us and of the subsequent book signing. Those pictures can be found in two batches on the pages of Rob Sawyer's web site: first batch and second batch.

In addition, one of our members, Fraser, took some pictures. You can see these below:

Rob Sawyer.

Rob Sawyer takes a picture of the Science Fiction London members at the dinner.