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SideTrekked was the fanzine that Science Fiction London published for many years. SideTrekked has not been published in some years.

The following reports list the major contributions to SideTrekked over the years.

Members of Science Fiction London may borrow copies of SideTrekked from our archives. Just ask at the next meeting.

SideTrekked 2.0

After a long absence, we are pleased to announce that SideTrekked is back, this time in a free online version.

Each issue is in a separate frame below. Each issue looks like a normal glossy magazine. Issues are listed from newest to oldest. To read any issue, please click on the "click to read" button in the frame containing that issue. That will put you in full-screen mode. Use the tab at the right to page forwards through the issue; when there are no more "next" tabs, you are at the end of the issue. Use the "previous" tab to see previous pages of that issue; when there are no more "previous" tabs, you are at the beginning of the issue.

If you find the print too small, simply double-click on the issue and you'll zoom closer so that the print is substantially bigger. Use your cursor to move the issue around so that you can see any parts of the page that are currently off-screen. You'll find previous and next buttons on the tool bar near the top of the frame since the previous and next tabs disappear when the text is zoomed. You'll also find a zoom slider on the tool bar so that you can increase or decrease the amount of zoom.

To exit full-screen mode, press the "Esc" button on your keyboard or click on the "X" button in the toolbar.

View, Download or Print SideTrekked Issues

Any issue of the revived SideTrekked can be viewed in PDF format and then downloaded or printed. Simply click on the appropriate link in the list below to view the issue that interests you as a PDF file. This will display the issue to you in the Adobe Acrobat program. Then click on the download button within Acrobat. (The exact appearance of the download button varies in different versions of Acrobat but if you position your cursor over the icon, you should get text that tells you if it is the download icon.) Clicking on the download button will cause the download dialogue to be displayed. The download dialogue will give you the option of storing it on your computer's hard drive at a location of your choosing. There should also be a print button in Acrobat in case you want to print the issue on your printer; pressing that button should give you a dialogue that lets you select the printer, how many copies you want, etc.

It is also possible to view, print and download the SideTrekked issues at Bill Burns' EFanzines website. SideTrekked can be found on the SideTrekked page. It should be noted that EFanzines won't have the newest issue on their website as quickly as we will have it on the SFL page; it generally takes a week or so from publication on our site before EFanZines makes it available to their visitors.

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