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Determining Availability of Books

It is a very good idea to verify the availability of a book before proposing it as a meeting topic; a book that is out of print, or very expensive, or difficult to locate will almost guarantee that the meeting will fail since few people will have read the book and discussion will be minimal.

The availability of a book basically depends on how easily it can be found locally. If enough copies can be borrowed or purchased for a reasonable price without having to travel too far or investing too much time in hunting for the book, the book should be considered sufficiently available to justify using it as a meeting topic.

The tabs below give some suggestions about places where books can be found, some of which will not be obvious to most people.

Important: If you find that any of the information on this page is not accurate when you try to use it, contact the webmaster. Be sure to mention the corrections if you know them!

Sometimes a book that is otherwise difficult to locate can be borrowed from family members or friends. Other book lovers are an especially good place to check.

Another possible source of books is people in other book clubs who may have read the book you want previously.