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Ira's Ghost
Ira's Ghost

Main Website

The main SFL web site, (formerly, was created by our webmaster, Reinhardt, in 1998. He has updated it and administered it ever since. Science Fiction London is a non-profit club and the only purpose of this site is to give you information about our club. Your suggestions on making any portion of this site better would be greatly appreciated and should be directed to our webmaster.

SFL Yahoo! Group

The SFL Yahoo! Group was created by Dale and is adminstered by him. Only past and present Science Fiction London members may participate in the Yahoo! Group.


The following table indicates the source of each graphic used on this website. The photographs obtained from NASA are in the public domain. It is our belief that the original art work and photographs created by past or present Science Fiction London members have been donated to Science Fiction London by those members that created them. All other content was written by Reinhardt and donated to Science Fiction London during his involvement with the website beginning in 1998.


Graphic ThumbnailLocation at SFL WebsiteOriginsCopyright
SFL BannerAll pagesOriginal art work
HTML5All pages???
CSSAll pageshere
Canadian FlagAll pageshere
International Space Stationindex.phphere
Doug  M.index.phpOriginal video
Stephenindex.phpOriginal video
Reinhardtindex.phpOriginal video
Earthrise from Moonhistory.phphere
Earthrise over Plaskett Craterhowworks.phphere
Helix NebulachoosingTopics.phphere
Saturnbook_avail_lpl.php; bookAvailLibraries.php; bookAvailStoresNew.php; bookAvailStoresUsed.php; bookAvailReaders.phphere
MarsfilmAvailFormats.php; filmAvailSources.php; filmAvailLicensing.php; filmAvailRestrictions.phphere
Streaks on Marspolicies.phphere
EarthfindingMeeting.php; findingSun.php; findingEarth.php; findingLondon.php; findingRegion.php; findingLibrary.php; findingParking.php; findingRoom.php; findingClubhouse.php; here
Milky WayfindingSun.phphere
Planets of our Solar SystemfindingEarth.phphere
Google mapfindingLondon.phpGoogle
Google mapfindingRegion.phpGoogle
Google mapfindingLibrary.phpGoogle
Google mapfindingParking.phpGoogle
Library Plan, Second FloorfindingRoom.phpPDF from London Public Library with added public domain footprints
International Space StationfindingClubhouse.phphere
Earth from International Space Stationremote.php???
Opportunity looks backcontacting.phphere
Bubble Nebulainfo.phphere
Ira's ghostcopyright.phphere
Eta Carinatopics.phphere
Sawyer/Wilson Photo 1SawyerWilson2005a.phporiginal photograph
Sawyer/Wilson Photo 2SawyerWilson2005b.phporiginal photograph
Sawyer/Wilson Photo 3SawyerWilson2005c.phporiginal photograph
Sawyer/Wilson Photo 4SawyerWilson2005d.phporiginal photograph
Sawyer/Wilson Photo 5SawyerWilson2005e.phporiginal photograph
Yahoo Groups CanadaYahooGroup.phphere
VenuslinksGroups.php; linksWriters.php; linksMiscellaneous.phphere
Earth's Atmosphere from SpaceNoveList.phphere
An Imaginary PlanetDoubleday.phpOriginal art work