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Determining Availability of Films and TV Programs

It is a very good idea to verify the availability of a film or TV program before proposing it as a meeting topic; a film or TV program that is in the wrong format, unlicensed for library showing, very expensive, or difficult to locate will make it difficult or impossible to show the film or program during the meeting. It is possible to have a successful meeting by circulating the film or program around the club in the days or weeks before the meeting; however, there is more work involved since we tend to need multiple copies of the film or program circulating in order to get it around to everyone in time. Circulating the film before the meeting has the added advantage that the film doesn't need to be licensed for library showing and we can devote the whole meeting to the topic, not just the time remaining after the film has been shown.

The tabs below give more detail about each of these aspects of determining film or TV program availability.

Important: If you find that any of the information on this page is not accurate when you try to use it, contact the webmaster. Be sure to mention the corrections if you know them!

The two formats supported by the library equipment are VHS and DVD.

It may be possible to hook up additional equipment in the library meeting rooms, to play formats like beta or laser discs. If a particular movie is only readily available on one of these formats, please notify the SFL Executive committee and we will investigate the technical feasibility of using non-standard equipment.