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Meeting Time and Location

Most people local to London will find all the information they need about our meeting time and location in the "Time and Location" tab below. Visitors from other locales and those who are new to London will find almost every conceivable bit of information they need to locate London, the library, parking and the rooms where we meet in the other tabs. People attending our meetings via their computers will only need to be concerned with the meeting date and time, which is in the Time and Location tab below.

See any of the following tabs for information on finding us:

Meeting Time

SFL meets on the first Saturday of every month, even when that is a long weekend. However, if the first Saturday of the month is a statutory holiday, like New Year's Day, the library is closed so we defer the meeting to the second Saturday of the month.

Meetings begin at 1:30 PM and end by 4:30 PM. We are in the Eastern time zone (GMT-5:00) and set our clocks forward one hour to observe Daylight Saving Time from roughly mid-March to early November each year.

After the meeting, those who are interested adjourn to a local eatery to carry on the discussion, enjoy a meal, and just plain enjoy themselves.

In the event of bad weather, the meeting will go ahead with anyone who cares to come and will not normally be rescheduled. Please exercise your good sense and stay home if the weather looks nasty.We encourage you to attend via free video-conference rather than risking your safety.

Meeting Location

Our meetings take place at the Central Branch of the London Public Library at 251 Dundas Street between Wellington and Clarence Streets.

Our meetings may occur in any of the library's various meeting rooms. The room where a given meeting is scheduled to take place is indicated on the Upcoming Topics page.

For maps and descriptions of all aspects of finding the meeting site, parking, and the meeting room, please see the other tabs on this page.

If you'd like to attend our meetings but don't live nearby or are unable to attend in person due to health reasons, we encourage you to join us via video-conference.