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Meeting Time and Location

Most people local to London will find all the information they need about our meeting time and location in the "Time and Location" tab below. Visitors from other locales and those who are new to London will find almost every conceivable bit of information they need to locate London, the library, parking and the rooms where we meet in the other tabs. People attending our meetings via their computers will only need to be concerned with the meeting date and time, which is in the Time and Location tab below.

See any of the following tabs for information on finding us:

This map shows the area immediately surrounding the Central Library.

The green marker (inverse teardrop) with the 'LPL' on it points to the location of the main entrance to the Central Branch of the London Public Library.

The most affordable legal parking that we know for SFL meetings is found in the CitiPlaza (formerly The Galleria) parking area. Parking long enough to attend the entire meeting will cost $5.00. A parking chit will be generated for you as you enter the parking area. You will need to provide that chit and the appropriate money at one of the payment kiosks on the way out of the parking area. The two entrances to the CitiPlaza parking area beneath the library are marked on the map with the blue 'P' icons.

Click on the green 'LPL' marker to get the precise street address of the library entrance. Click on the blue 'P' icons to get important information about the correct way to approach the parking entrances to avoid problems with concrete dividers or one way streets.

Click on the question mark near the upper left corner of the map if you have any questions about how to use the map controls. A short video that shows you how to use the controls will appear in a new tab in your browser.