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Meeting Time and Location

Most people local to London will find all the information they need about our meeting time and location in the "Time and Location" tab below. Visitors from other locales and those who are new to London will find almost every conceivable bit of information they need to locate London, the library, parking and the rooms where we meet in the other tabs. People attending our meetings via their computers will only need to be concerned with the meeting date and time, which is in the Time and Location tab below.

See any of the following tabs for information on finding us:

Meetings will normally be held in the Tonda Room on the first (ground) floor. A map of the ground floor showing the location of the room appears below. If you get lost, just ask at the circulation desk on the ground floor.

Occasionally, a meeting is moved to a different room. In these cases, the Meeting Topics page normally indicates this. Also, a sign will usually be posted at the "normal" meeting room indicating where the meeting will be held in this case. If these measures fail to enlighten you on where a given meeting is taking place, ask at the main floor Circulation Desk and they should be able to direct you to the appropriate room.

Library Key, Ground Floor, with red arrow pointing at the Tonda Room which is "D" on the floor plan
Library Key, Ground Floor
Library Floor Plan, Ground Floor, with red arrow showing the location of the Tonda Room
Library Floor Plan, Ground Floor