Topics Organized by Presenter

This report lists all meeting topics for which we have records and where the presenter is known, sorted by presenter name and then meeting date.

The presenter(s) shown in the presenter(s) column is the person who was scheduled to present the topic. In almost every case, the person that was scheduled to present it is the same person that actually DID present the topic. However, on the rare occasions that those were not the same person, the scheduled presenter is listed in the Presenter column and a note appears in the Comment column explaining who the actual presenter was.

Dashes in the table represent values that are unknown or not applicable. For example, if the creator (author/director) of a given topic is not applicable, as is the case for theme meetings where no specific book or film is being considered, a dash is used to stand in for the unknown value.

NOTE: This report indicates the people who were originally scheduled to do the presentations. In some cases, other people did the actual presentations when the original presenter was unable to appear due to work or illness.

PresenterMeeting DateTopicTopic TypeCreatorCreator Type
Albert A.2013-08-03Sixth ColumnBookHeinlein, Robert A.Author
Albert A.2016-04-021632BookFlint, EricAuthor
Albert A.2016-08-06Water Knife, TheBookBacigalupi, PauloAuthor
Albert A.2016-11-05Giver, TheFilmNoyce, PhilipDirector
Albert A.2016-11-05Giver, TheBookLowry, LoisAuthor
Albert A.2017-01-07Jupiter AscendingFilmWachowskis, TheDirector
Albert A.2017-04-01The Three Body ProblemBookCixin, LiuAuthor
Albert A.2017-06-03Midnight SpecialFilmNichols, JeffDirector
Albert A.2017-08-05Unincorporated Man, TheBookKollin, EytanAuthor
Albert A.2017-08-05Unincorporated Man, TheBookKollin, Dani Author
Albert A.2018-03-03Story of Your Life, TheShort StoryChiang, TedAuthor
Albert A.2018-03-03ArrivalMovieVilleneuve, DenisDirector
Albert A.2019-04-06Out of the Silent PlanetBookLewis, C. S.Author
Albert A.2020-04-04Night of LightBookFarmer, Philip JoseAuthor
Alexander D., Prof.1982-12-04Planiverse: Exploration of a 2-D WorldBookDewdney, Professor A. K.Author
Alexander T.2003-12-06Farewell to the MasterShort StoryBates, HarryAuthor
Alexander T.2003-12-06Day the Earth Stood Still, TheFilmWise, RobertDirector
Ana T.2003-12-06Farewell to the MasterShort StoryBates, HarryAuthor
Ana T.2003-12-06Day the Earth Stood Still, TheFilmWise, RobertDirector
Ana T.2004-08-07Oryx and CrakeBookAtwood, MargaretAuthor
Ana T.2014-12-06Hundred, TheBookPaylor, DaschaWriter
Ana T.2015-06-06TrilliumGraphic NovelLemire, JeffAuthor
Ana T.2015-08-01Eyre Affair, TheBookFforde, JasperAuthor
Ana T.2016-03-057th SonBookHutchins, J.C.Author
Ana T.2017-07-08Approaching the UnknownFilmRosenburg, Mark ElijahDirector
Anthony T.2003-12-06Farewell to the MasterShort StoryBates, HarryAuthor
Anthony T.2003-12-06Day the Earth Stood Still, TheFilmWise, RobertDirector
Anthony T.2004-08-07Oryx and CrakeBookAtwood, MargaretAuthor
Anthony T.2015-06-06TrilliumGraphic NovelLemire, JeffAuthor
Arthur M.2002-09-07Millenial Project, TheBookSavage, Marshall T.Author
Arthur M.2002-09-07Venus Project, TheBookFresco, JacqueAuthor
Arthur M.2004-09-11Starship TroopersBookHeinlein, Robert A.Author
Arthur M.2005-05-07ContactBookSagan, CarlAuthor
Arthur M.2006-03-04Startide RisingBookBrin, DavidAuthor
Arthur M.2006-07-08What Makes a Good SF MovieTheme--
Arthur M.2007-01-06Secret SocietiesTheme--
Arthur M.2009-04-04EonBookBear, GregAuthor
Arthur M.2009-08-01Mote in God's Eye, TheBookPournelle, JerryAuthor
Arthur M.2009-08-01Mote in God's Eye, TheBookNiven, LarryAuthor
Arthur M.2011-02-05Forever War, TheBookHaldeman, JoeAuthor
Arthur M.2011-12-03Atlas ShruggedBookRand, AynAuthor
Arthur M.2012-05-05Avatar: The Way It Should Have BeenTheme--
Arthur M.2012-12-01Falling Skies: Resisting the AliensTheme--
Arthur M.2014-07-05Evacuating EarthTheme--
Arthur M.2015-12-05PeaceBookWolfe, GeneAuthor
Ashley W.2018-07-07Joseph Campbell and Science FictionTheme--
Bill M.1983-10-01Princess of Mars, ABookBurroughs, Edgar RiceAuthor
Bill M.1986-03-01Kelly CountryBookChandler, A. BertramAuthor
Bill M.1986-10-04Long Tomorrow, TheBookBrackett, LeighAuthor
Brenda R.2020-06-06Ancillary JusticeBookLeckie, AnnAuthor
Brett M.2007-10-06Dead Zone, TheBookKing, StephenAuthor
Brian C.2012-10-06Casitians Return, TheBookMurrain, MichelleAuthor
Brian C.2013-05-04Darwin's RadioBookBear, GregAuthor
Brian P.2002-10-05User-FriendlyShort StoriesRobinson, SpiderAuthor
Brian P.2004-03-06Job: A Comedy of JusticeBookHeinlein, Robert A.Author
Brian P.2006-01-07MindscanBookSawyer, Robert J.Author
Carol W.2014-09-06John CarterFilmStanton, AndrewDirector
Carolyn L.1982-07-03Villains in SFTheme--
Carolyn L.1982-08-07DuneBookHerbert, FrankAuthor
Carolyn L.1982-10-02True Story, ABookLucian of SamasotaAuthor
Carolyn L.1982-11-06Why Are Americans Afraid of Dragons?EssayLeGuin, Ursula K.Author
Carolyn L.1983-02-05Boy and His Dog, AShort StoryEllison, HarlanAuthor
Carolyn L.1983-03-05Left Hand of Darkness, TheBookLeGuin, Ursula K.Author
Carolyn L.1983-05-07Altered StatesFilmRussell, KenDirector
Carolyn L.1983-05-07Altered StatesBookChayefsky, PaddyAuthor
Carolyn L.1983-06-04Clockwork Orange, ABookBurgess, AnthonyAuthor
Carolyn L.1983-06-04Clockwork Orange, AFilmKubrick, StanleyDirector
Cassandra A.2017-03-04Half Way HomeBookHowey, HughAuthor
Claire M.2001-07-07Happy Policeman, TheBookAnthony, PatriciaAuthor
Claire M.2002-09-07Venus Project, TheBookFresco, JacqueAuthor
Claire M.2002-09-07Millenial Project, TheBookSavage, Marshall T.Author
Clive T.1999-06-05Ransom of Black Stealth One, TheBookIng, DeanAuthor
Clive T.2003-02-01Island in the Sea of TimeBookStirling, S. M.Author
Clive T.2003-11-01TelempathBookRobinson, SpiderAuthor
Clive T.2005-02-05Alternate HistoryTheme--
Clive T.2008-12-06Moon is a Harsh Mistress, TheBookHeinlein, Robert A.Author
Dan Ga.1986-02-01Mortal EnginesBookLem, StanislawAuthor
Dan Gl.2008-03-01GatewayBookPohl, FrederikAuthor
Dascha P.2013-06-01Man Who Fell to Earth, TheFilmRoeg, NicholasDirector
Dascha P.2017-12-02Ready Player OneBookCline, ErnestAuthor
David S.1981-01-03For A Foggy NightShort StoryNiven, LarryAuthor
David S.1981-02-07Essay on UFOsEssayAllen, WoodyAuthor
David S.1981-03-07Aye, and Gomorrah....Short StoryDelaney, Samuel R.Author
David S.1981-05-02Defining Science FictionTheme--
David S.1981-06-06Choose Your Own SF AdventureTheme--
David S.1981-07-04Day MillionShort StoryPohl, FrederikAuthor
David S.1981-08-01Nature of Star Trek OntarioTheme--
David S.1981-09-05Embarassments of SF, TheEssayDisch, Thomas M.Author
David S.1981-11-072001: A Space OdysseyBookClarke, Arthur C.Author
David S.1981-11-072001: A Space OdysseyFilmKubrick, StanleyDirector
David S.1982-01-02Visual SFTheme--
David S.1982-02-06Aliens in SFTheme--
David S.1982-04-03Stranger in a Strange LandBookHeinlein, Robert A.Author
David S.1982-06-05Asimov on Speculative FictionEssayAsimov, IsaacAuthor
David S.1984-01-07Man in the High Castle, TheBookDick, Philip K.Author
David S.1984-10-06Book of Sculls, TheBookSilverberg, RobertAuthor
David S.1985-01-05DhalgrenBookDelaney, Samuel R.Author
David S.1985-07-06DescendingShort StoryDisch, Thomas M.Author
David S.1986-01-04Babel-17BookDelaney, Samuel R.Author
Debbie C.1984-06-02Midwich Cuckoos, TheBookWyndham, JohnAuthor
Doug B.1984-07-07Way StationBookSimak, CliffordAuthor
Doug B.1984-12-01Nebula Maker, TheBookStapledon, OlafAuthor
Doug B.1985-02-02Bug Jack BarronBookSpinrad, NormanAuthor
Doug B.1985-08-03GatewayBookPohl, FrederikAuthor
Doug B.1985-12-07Demolished Man, TheBookBester, AlfredAuthor
Doug B.1986-09-06Stars My Destination, TheBookBester, AlfredAuthor
Doug B.2001-04-07Island of Lost Souls (1932)FilmKenton, EarleDirector
Doug B.2001-05-05Other End of Time, TheBookPohl, FredAuthor
Doug B.2001-08-04Bicentennial ManFilmColumbus, ChrisDirector
Doug B.2002-03-02AntarcticaBookRobinson, Kim StanleyAuthor
Doug B.2002-08-03AntarcticaBookRobinson, Kim StanleyAuthor
Doug B.2002-11-02Martian Time SlipBookDick, Philip K.Author
Doug B.2003-01-04It Came From Outer SpaceFilmArnold, JackDirector
Doug B.2003-01-04Them!FilmDouglas, GordonDirector
Doug B.2003-03-01K-PAXFilmSoftley, IainDirector
Doug B.2003-08-02MetropolisFilmLang, FritzDirector
Doug B.2004-11-06Days of Rice and Salt, TheBookRobinson, Kim StanleyAuthor
Doug B.2005-01-08Metropolis (Anime version)FilmRintaroDirector
Doug B.2005-02-05Alternate HistoryTheme--
Doug B.2006-02-04Future HistoriesTheme--
Doug B.2006-05-06Ender's GameBookCard, Orson ScottAuthor
Doug B.2006-07-08What Makes a Good SF MovieTheme--
Doug B.2007-02-03SpinBookWilson, Robert CharlesAuthor
Doug B.2007-07-07Fahrenheit 451BookBradbury, RayAuthor
Doug B.2008-02-02Man in the High Castle, TheBookDick, Philip K.Author
Doug B.2008-04-05DuneFilmLynch, DavidDirector
Doug B.2008-09-06I Am LegendBookMatheson, RichardAuthor
Doug B.2008-12-06Moon is a Harsh Mistress, TheBookHeinlein, Robert A.Author
Doug B.2009-01-03Star MakerBookStapledon, OlafAuthor
Doug B.2009-07-04Big Time, TheBookLeiber, FritzAuthor
Doug B.2009-09-05Lost HorizonBookHilton, JamesAuthor
Doug B.2010-05-01SlanBookVan Vogt, A. E.Author
Doug B.2010-07-03Butterfly Effect, TheFilmGruber, J. MackyeDirector
Doug B.2010-07-03Butterfly Effect, TheFilmBress, EricDirector
Doug B.2010-11-06Left Hand of Darkness, TheBookLeGuin, Ursula K.Author
Doug B.2011-01-08Aeon FluxFilmChung, PeterCreator
Doug B.2011-01-08Aeon FluxAnimated ShortsChung, PeterCreator
Doug B.2011-01-08Aeon FluxTV SeriesChung, PeterCreator
Doug B.2011-12-03Atlas ShruggedBookRand, AynAuthor
Doug B.2013-03-02Children of the DamnedFilmLeader, AntonDirector
Doug B.2013-03-02Village of the DamnedFilmRilla, WolfDirector
Doug B.2014-03-01Altered StatesFilmRussell, KenDirector
Doug B.2015-07-04First Men in the Moon, TheBookWells, H. G.Author
Doug M.1985-10-05NecromancerBookDickson, Gordon R.Author
Doug M.2002-05-04Cradle of SplendorBookAnthony, PatriciaAuthor
Doug M.2003-07-05Out on Blue SixBookMcDonald, IanAuthor
Doug M.2005-08-06FoundationBookAsimov, IsaacAuthor
Doug M.2012-08-04DiasporaBookEgan, GregAuthor
Doug M.2012-11-03Oblique Approach, AnBookDrake, DavidAuthor
Doug M.2012-11-03Oblique Approach, AnBookFlint, EricAuthor
Doug M.2013-02-02Startide RisingBookBrin, DavidAuthor
Doug M.2014-02-01Project PopeBookSimak, Clifford D.Author
Doug M.2015-01-03Being John MalkovichFilmJonze, SpikeDirector
Ernie S.1985-06-01Dungeons and DragonsOther--
Fraser M.2005-03-05Singularity SkyBookStross, CharlesAuthor
Fraser M.2005-09-03Caves of Steel, TheBookAsimov, IsaacAuthor
Fraser M.2005-09-03Naked Sun, TheBookAsimov, IsaacAuthor
Fraser M.2006-04-01Deepness in the Sky, ABookVinge, VernorAuthor
Fraser M.2006-12-02Player of Games, TheBookBanks, Iain M.Author
Fraser M.2007-06-021984BookOrwell, GeorgeAuthor
Fraser M.2007-12-01Science Fiction QuizQuiz--
Fraser M.2008-07-05SeekerBookMcDevitt, JackAuthor
Fraser M.2009-06-06Algebraist, TheBookBanks, Iain M.Author
Fraser M.2009-12-05Guards! Guards! Guards!BookPratchett, TerryAuthor
Fraser M.2010-10-02Dunwich Horror, TheShort StoryLovecraft, H.P.Author
Fraser M.2010-10-02Call of Cthulhu, TheShort StoryLovecraft, H.P.Author
Gary P.1999-08-07Dark CityFilmProyas, AlexDirector
Ilbert W.2003-04-05TimeTheme--
Ilbert W.2003-09-06TimelineBookCrichton, MichaelAuthor
Ilbert W.2005-07-02Stranger in a Strange LandBookHeinlein, Robert A.Author
Ilbert W.2005-12-03Machine Stops, TheShort StoryForster, E.M.Author
Ilbert W.2006-02-04Future HistoriesTheme--
Ilbert W.2009-01-03Star MakerBookStapledon, OlafAuthor
James J.1984-11-03Sheep Look Up, TheBookBrunner, JohnAuthor
James J.1986-04-05Canticle for Leibowitz, ABookMiller Jr., Walter M.Author
James J.1986-08-02Word for World is Forest, TheBookLeGuin, Ursula K.Author
James J.2001-10-06Shockwave Rider, TheBookBrunner, JohnAuthor
James J.2003-06-07CryptonomiconBookStephenson, NealAuthor
James J.2004-01-03More Than HumanBookSturgeon, TheodoreAuthor
James J.2004-11-06Days of Rice and Salt, TheBookRobinson, Kim StanleyAuthor
James J.2005-06-04Stars My Destination, TheBookBester, AlfredAuthor
James J.2006-11-04Ruled BritanniaBookTurtledove, HarryAuthor
James J.2007-03-03Demolished Man, TheBookBester, AlfredAuthor
James J.2007-11-03Slaughterhouse FiveBookVonnegut Jr., KurtAuthor
James J.2008-05-03Beggars in SpainBookKress, NancyAuthor
James J.2009-03-07RollbackBookSawyer, Robert J.Author
James J.2009-10-03Dreaming Jewels, TheBookSturgeon, TheodoreAuthor
James J.2010-03-06Man With the Iron Heart, TheBookTurtledove, HarryAuthor
James J.2010-06-05End of the World As We Know It and I Feel Fine, TheTheme--
James J.2011-05-07Road, TheBookMcCarthy, CormacAuthor
James J.2011-08-06Difference Engine, TheBookGibson, WilliamAuthor
James J.2011-08-06Difference Engine, TheBookSterling, BruceAuthor
James J.2012-01-07Blade RunnerFilmScott, RidleyDirector
James J.2012-03-03Philosopher's Apprentice, TheBookMorrow, JamesAuthor
James J.2013-10-05Windup Girl, TheBookBacigalupi, PauloAuthor
James J.2014-04-05Canticle for Leibowitz, ABookMiller Jr., Walter M.Author
James J.2015-11-07Gospel According to Science Fiction, TheTheme--
James J.2017-11-04Handmaid's Tale, TheBookAtwood, MargaretAuthor
James J.2018-12-01Mechanical, TheBookTregillis, IanAuthor
James J.2020-08-01Science Fiction as ProphecyTheme--
Janet C.2001-09-01Family TreeBookTepper, Sheri S.Author
Janet C.2002-06-01Ender's ShadowBookCard, Orson ScottAuthor
Janet C.2003-05-03Manifold TimeBookBaxter, StephenAuthor
Jen D.2013-09-07Doomsday BookBookWillis, ConnieAuthor
Jen D.2013-11-02Cloak of AnarchyShort StoryNiven, LarryAuthor
Jen D.2014-10-04Crucible of Time, TheBookBrunner, JohnWriter
Jenn M.2006-10-07Andromeda Strain, TheBookCrichton, MichaelAuthor
Jennifer D.2014-06-07District 9FilmBlomkamp, NeillDirector
Jennifer D.2016-10-01To Say Nothing of the DogBookWillis, ConnieAuthor
Jennifer W.2020-02-011Q84BookMurakami, HurakiAuthor
Jenny M.2002-02-02City and the Stars, TheBookClarke, Arthur C.Author
Jenny M.2003-02-01Island in the Sea of TimeBookStirling, S. M.Author
Jenny M.2004-06-05Honor of the Queen, TheBookWeber, DavidAuthor
Joe B.1983-04-02NovaBookDelaney, Samuel R.Author
Joe B.1984-01-07Man in the High Castle, TheBookDick, Philip K.Author
Joe B.1984-05-05Case of Conscience, ABookBlish, JamesAuthor
Joe B.1985-01-05DhalgrenBookDelaney, Samuel R.Author
Joe B.1986-01-04Babel-17BookDelaney, Samuel R.Author
Joe B.2001-04-07Island of Lost Souls (1932)FilmKenton, EarleDirector
Joe B.2001-05-05Other End of Time, TheBookPohl, FredAuthor
Joe B.2001-11-03FlashforwardBookSawyer, Robert J.Author
Joe B.2002-03-02AntarcticaBookRobinson, Kim StanleyAuthor
Joe B.2002-04-06Picnic on ParadiseBookRuss, JoannaAuthor
Joe B.2002-11-02Martian Time SlipBookDick, Philip K.Author
John S.2001-06-02CandleBookBarnes, JohnAuthor
John S.2002-07-06BellwetherBookWillis, ConnieAuthor
John S.2004-05-01Lest Darkness FallBookDeCamp, L. SpragueAuthor
John S.2005-10-01Chronoliths, TheBookWilson, Robert CharlesAuthor
John S.2006-08-05Too Many MagiciansBookGarrett, RandallAuthor
John S.2006-09-02Citizen of the GalaxyBookHeinlein, Robert A.Author
John S.2006-09-02Rocket Ship GalileoBookHeinlein, Robert A.Author
John S.2007-04-07CityBookSimak, CliffordAuthor
Josie D.2010-09-04Brave New WorldBookHuxley, AldousAuthor
Josie D.2010-12-04Martian Chronicles, TheBookBradbury, RayAuthor
Josie D.2011-03-053001: The Final OdysseyBookClarke, Arthur C.Author
Josie D.2020-07-04Station ElevenBookMandel, Emily St. JohnAuthor
Judy B.1984-09-01White Plague, TheBookHerbert, FrankAuthor
Leslie H.2020-06-06Ancillary JusticeBookLeckie, AnnAuthor
Margot B.2010-04-03Star Fraction, TheBookMacLeod, KenAuthor
Mark A.2011-06-04Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, TheBookAdams, DouglasAuthor
Mark A.2011-09-03Journey to the Center of the EarthBookVerne, JulesAuthor
Mark A.2012-04-07Minority Report, TheFilmSpielberg, StevenDirector
Mark A.2012-04-07Minority Report, TheShort StoryDick, Philip K.Author
Mark A.2012-06-02StarkTV MiniseriesTass, NinaDirector
Mark A.2012-09-01WakeBookSawyer, Robert J.Author
Mark A.2013-01-05Fahrenheit 451BookBradbury, RayAuthor
Mark A.2013-04-06Adjustment Bureau, TheFilmNolfi, GeorgeDirector
Mark A.2013-12-07FlashforwardBookSawyer, Robert J.Author
Mark A.2014-05-03Hunger GamesFilmRoss, GaryDirector
Mark A.2014-05-03Hunger GamesBookCollins, SuzanneWriter
Mark A.2014-11-0111/22/63BookKing, StephenWriter
Mark A.2015-05-02Sherlock Holmes and Science FictionEssaySturgis, Amy S.Author
Mark A.2015-09-05Crying of Lot 49, TheBookPynchon, ThomasAuthor
Mark A.2016-02-06DivergentsFilmBurger, NeilAuthor
Mark A.2016-02-06DivergentsBookRoth, VeronicaAuthor
Mark A.2016-05-07Abyss, TheFilmCameron, JamesDirector
Mark A.2016-05-07Abyss, TheBookCard, Orson ScottAuthor
Mark A.2016-12-03Children of Men, TheBookJames, P.D.Author
Mark A.2016-12-03Children of Men, TheFilmCuaron, AlfonsoDirector
Mark A.2017-02-04Mysterious Island, TheBookVerne, JulesAuthor
Mark A.2017-05-06Time and Time AgainBookElton, BenAuthor
Mark A.2017-10-07They Found AtlantisBookWheatley, DennisAuthor
Mark A.2018-02-03Under the DomeBookKing, StevenAuthor
Mark A.2018-05-05Gulliver's TravelsBookSwift, JonathonAuthor
Mark A.2018-07-07Joseph Campbell and Science FictionTheme--
Mark A.2018-08-04DollyBookBear, ElizabethAuthor
Mark A.2018-08-04I, RobotFilmProyas, AlexDirector
Mark A.2018-11-03Ex MachinaFilmGarland, AlexDirector
Mark A.2019-02-02Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas, TheShort StoryLeGuin, Ursula K.Author
Mark A.2019-02-02PoisonShort StoryRose-Innes, HenriettaAuthor
Mark A.2019-05-04Tourist, TheBookDickinson, RobertAuthor
Mark A.2019-07-06FrankensteinBookShelley, MaryAuthor
Mark A.2019-09-07Frost and FireShort StoryBradbury, RayAuthor
Mark A.2019-09-07Mono No AwareShort StoryLiu, KenAuthor
Mark A.2019-11-02Dreamers, TheBookWalker, Karen ThompsonAuthor
Mark A.2020-01-04Deja VuFilmScott, TonyDirector
Mark A.2020-02-011Q84BookMurakami, HurakiAuthor
Mark A.2020-05-02Dispossessed, TheBookLeGuin, Ursula K.Author
Mark A.2020-05-02Dispossessed, TheBookLeGuin, UrsulaAuthor
Mark A.2020-07-04Station ElevenBookMandel, Emily St. JohnAuthor
Mark E.2015-03-07Wrinkle in Time, ABookL'Engle, MadeleineAuthor
Michael J.2009-02-07Day the Earth Stood Still, TheFilmWise, RobertDirector
Michael J.2010-02-06Pandora's StarBookHamilton, PeterAuthor
Mike B.2004-10-02Day of the Triffids, TheBookWyndham, JohnAuthor
Mike B.2006-10-07Andromeda Strain, TheBookCrichton, MichaelAuthor
Mike J.2007-05-05Far-SeerBookSawyer, Robert J.Author
Rebecca S.1984-05-05Case of Conscience, ABookBlish, JamesAuthor
Rebecca S.1985-02-02Bug Jack BarronBookSpinrad, NormanAuthor
Rebecca S.1985-08-03GatewayBookPohl, FrederikAuthor
Rebecca S.1985-12-07Demolished Man, TheBookBester, AlfredAuthor
Rebecca S.1986-09-06Stars My Destination, TheBookBester, AlfredAuthor
Rebecca Sm.2015-07-04First Men in the Moon, TheBookWells, H. G.Author
Reinhardt C.1988-03-05When Worlds CollideBookBalmer, EdwinAuthor
Reinhardt C.1988-03-05When Worlds CollideBookWylie, PhilipAuthor
Reinhardt C.1997-11-01Tunnel in the SkyBookHeinlein, Robert A.Author
Reinhardt C.1997-12-06Encounter with TiberBookBarnes, JohnAuthor
Reinhardt C.1997-12-06Encounter with TiberBookAldrin, BuzzAuthor
Reinhardt C.1998-09-05TimeshareBookDann, JoshuaAuthor
Reinhardt C.2000-07-08Stranger in a Strange LandBookHeinlein, Robert A.Author
Reinhardt C.2002-01-05FrequencyFilmHoblit, GregoryDirector
Reinhardt C.2004-02-07FuturamaTV SeriesGroening, MattCreator
Reinhardt C.2004-02-07FuturamaTV SeriesCohen, David X.Creator
Reinhardt C.2004-09-11Starship TroopersBookHeinlein, Robert A.Author
Reinhardt C.2005-09-03Caves of Steel, TheBookAsimov, IsaacAuthor
Reinhardt C.2005-09-03Naked Sun, TheBookAsimov, IsaacAuthor
Reinhardt C.2007-06-021984BookOrwell, GeorgeAuthor
Reinhardt C.2007-08-04On the BeachBookShute, NevilAuthor
Reinhardt C.2008-01-05Lord of the FliesFilmHook, HarryDirector
Reinhardt C.2008-08-02Short CircuitFilmBadham, JohnDirector
Reinhardt C.2008-12-06Moon is a Harsh Mistress, TheBookHeinlein, Robert A.Author
Reinhardt C.2009-05-02ReplayBookGrimwood, KenAuthor
Reinhardt C.2009-11-07IncompetnceBookGrant, RobAuthor
Reinhardt C.2010-08-07Boys from Brazil, TheBookLevin, IraAuthor
Reinhardt C.2011-04-02Door Into Summer, TheBookHeinlein, Robert A.Author
Reinhardt C.2011-10-01October SkyFilmJohnston, JoeDirector
Reinhardt C.2012-02-04Man From Earth, TheFilmSchenkman, RichardDirector
Reinhardt C.2012-07-07LifepodFilmSilver, RonDirector
Reinhardt C.2012-12-01Falling Skies: Resisting the AliensTheme--
Reinhardt C.2014-01-04From the Earth to the MoonTV MiniseriesYost, GrahamWriter
Reinhardt C.2014-01-04From the Earth to the MoonTV MiniseriesHanks, TomWriter
Reinhardt C.2014-01-04From the Earth to the MoonTV MiniseriesChaikin, AndrewWriter
Reinhardt C.2015-07-04First Men in the Moon, TheBookWells, H. G.Author
Reinhardt C.2016-01-02Implications of Self-driving Cars, TheTheme--
Reinhardt C.2016-07-02Martian, TheBookWeir, AndyAuthor
Reinhardt C.2018-01-06Mars (Season 1)TV SeriesGout, EverardoDirector
Reinhardt C.2019-01-05Orville, TheTV SeriesMacFarlane, SethAuthor
Reinhardt C.2019-03-02Humans (Season 1)TV SeriesLundstrom, LarsAuthor
Reinhardt C.2019-10-05Humans, Seasons 2 and 3TVLindstrom, LarsAuthor
Richard G.2002-12-07Calculating GodBookSawyer, Robert J.Author
Richard G.2003-10-04HominidsBookSawyer, Robert J.Author
Richard G.2004-04-03Songs of Distant EarthBookClarke, Arthur C.Author
Richard G.2004-12-04Boat of a Million Years, TheBookAnderson, PoulAuthor
Richard G.2005-04-02Artificial IntelligenceTheme--
Richard G.2005-11-12Childhood's EndBookClarke, Arthur C.Author
Richard G.2006-06-03Light of Other Days, TheBookBaxter, StephenAuthor
Rob W. (London)2015-02-07Map of Time, TheBookPalma, FelixWriter
Rob W. (London)2015-04-04Map of the Sky, TheBookPalma, FelixAuthor
Robert2004-07-03Soylent GreenFilmFleischer, RichardDirector
Ron T.2016-06-04RedshirtsBookScalzi, JohnAuthor
Ron T.2018-04-07Under a Darkling SeaBookCambias, James L.Author
Ron T.2018-10-06Avengers of the MoonBookSteele, Allen M.Author
Ron T.2019-08-03Massacre of Mankind, TheBookBaxter, StephenAuthor
Sheryl G.2007-09-01Chrysalids, TheBookWyndham, JohnAuthor
Sheryl G.2008-06-07Never Let Me GoBookIshiguro, KazuoAuthor
Sheryl G.2008-11-01Children of Men, TheBookJames, P.D.Author
Simone S.2001-12-01Four Ways of ForgivenessBookLeGuin, Ursula K.Author
Stephanie H.2016-09-03WoolBookHowey, HughAuthor
Stephanie H.2018-06-02Guardians of the GalaxyBookGunn, JamesDirector
Stephanie H.2019-02-02Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas, TheShort StoryLeGuin, Ursula K.Author
Stephanie H.2019-02-02PoisonShort StoryRose-Innes, HenriettaAuthor
Stephanie H.2019-07-06FrankensteinBookShelley, MaryAuthor
Stephanie H.2019-09-07Mono No AwareShort StoryLiu, KenAuthor
Stephanie H.2019-09-07Frost and FireShort StoryBradbury, RayAuthor
Stephanie H.2020-02-011Q84BookMurakami, HurakiAuthor
Sylvia B.1983-07-02Five Parsec ShelfTheme--
Sylvia B.1983-09-03RingworldBookNiven, LarryAuthor
Sylvia B.1983-11-05Little FuzzyBookPiper, H. BeamAuthor
Sylvia B.1984-03-03Jamaican SunriseShort StorySeburn, DavidAuthor
Sylvia B.1984-04-07Man Who Fell to Earth, TheFilmRoeg, NicholasDirector
Terry B.2008-10-04Clockwork Orange, ABookBurgess, AnthonyAuthor
Terry B.2010-01-02Deep ImpactFilmLeder, MimiDirector
Terry B.2011-07-02SerenityFilmWhedon, JossDirector
Terry B.2011-11-05Julian Comstock: A Story of 22nd Century AmericaBookWilson, Robert CharlesAuthor
Terry B.2013-07-06Time Travellers Never DieBookMcDevitt, JackAuthor
Terry B.2014-08-02TriggersBookSawyer, Robert J.Writer
Terry B.2014-10-04Crucible of Time, TheBookBrunner, JohnWriter
Terry B.2015-10-03Burning ParadiseBookWilson, Robert CharlesAuthor
Terry B.2017-09-02Six WakesBookLafferty, MurAuthor
Terry B.2018-09-01Leviathan WakesBookCorey, James S. A.Author
Terry B.2019-06-01Quantum NightBookSawyer, Robert J.Author
Terry B.2019-12-07Girl With All the Gifts, TheBookCarey, M. R.Author
Tim B.1983-12-03Dr. StrangeloveFilmKubrick, StanleyDirector
Tim B.1984-05-05Case of Conscience, ABookBlish, JamesAuthor
Tim B.1984-08-04Dragon in the Sea (aka Under Pressure)BookHerbert, FrankAuthor
Tim B.1985-04-06Controversial Quotes in SFTheme--
Tim B.1985-05-04Slaughterhouse FiveBookVonnegut Jr., KurtAuthor
Tim B.1985-11-02FridayBookHeinlein, Robert A.Author
Tim B.1986-05-03Time Machine, TheBookWells, H.G.Author
Tim B.1986-11-01Deathbird, TheShort StoryEllison, HarlanAuthor
Victoria C.1984-02-041984BookOrwell, GeorgeAuthor
Walter G.1985-09-07Unaccompanied SonataShort StoryCard, Orson ScottAuthor

This report displayed 382 rows about topics where the presenter was known. Remember, some meetings have multiple topics and some topics have multiple creators, as in the cases where a book has co-authors and the cases where both the book and film versions of a work were examined. Also, some topics were covered multiple times at different meetings. Therefore, the number of rows in this report does NOT reflect that same number of meetings.