Pending Topic Proposals

This report lists all the topic proposals which are scheduled to be discussed at the next topic selection session, which will be on Saturday, Jun 05, 2021.

Topic selection sessions normally occur during the Club Business portion of the June and December meetings. Proposals are kept until then and voting determines which topics are scheduled for meetings and which are not.

Pending Book Topics

ProposerTitleAuthorSource_LibrarySource_BookstoreBookstoresSource_PresenterCopiesSource_OnlineBook_URLSource_OtherOther_DetailsRelatedDates Available
Mark A.The Land AcrossGene Wolfe YesYesChapters, Amazon, etc.No0NoNoNo2020-09-05; 2020-10-03; 2020-11-07; 2020-12-05; 2021-01-02; 2021-02-06;
SynopsisA travel writer endeavouring to write a guide-book, Grafton journeys to an obscure and mysterious East European country, in what quickly becomes a Kafkaesque adventure.
CommentsGene Wolfe is an award-winning and highly-acclaimed science fiction and fantasy author.

Pending Film and TV Topics

So far, no one has proposed a film or TV topic for the next planning session.

Pending Theme Topics

So far, no one has proposed a theme topic for the next planning session.