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Streaks on Mars
Streaks on Mars

Club Policies

SFL members democratically elect an Executive Committee, consisting of at least a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Library Liaison, SideTrekked Editor and Webmaster at our July meeting each year. These directors, who are unpaid, are each elected for one year.

It has always been our policy to make decisions based on the wishes of all of the members. We make every effort to reach a concensus of members before doing anything controversial. However, when time doesn't permit us to obtain a concensus of all of our members, the Executive Committee will meet - in person, by phone, or by email - to decide the appropriate course of action.

Current Executive Committee

The current Executive Committee is:

PresidentMark A.
Vice-PresidentStephanie H.
SecretaryTerry B.
TreasurerDoug M.
Library LiaisonTerry B.
SideTrekked Co-EditorsMark A. and Stephanie H.
WebmasterReinhardt C.

Here is a picture of one member's reaction the last time we had an argument about club policies.